ONDI Health; Provides services to healthcare professionals. If you are aiming to make your clinic more visible, you are in the right place.


ONDI Health; is a digital marketing agency focused on health tourism. It offers solutions for healthcare professionals to speed up their clinics or agency activities. All of our colleagues in our team consist of health professionals who have worked in Turkey’s leading hospitals and have worked in international projects. We work to achieve the things we have accomplished before, now with our brands, to achieve them even stronger. A lot!


Today, the website of any health institution is among the indispensable. Take the first step of your digital presence with an effective, powerful and mobile-friendly website. We design your website for you and determine a strategy so that you can be more visible in search engines.


360° medıcal marketıng solutıons at one address.

As ONDİ Health, we offer various solutions to all professionals of the health sector. Some of these solutions include our digital marketing expertise, while others involve the transfer of our experience in health tourism and the sector. We provide services to clinics, agencies, doctors, hospitals, veterinarians, pharmaceutical companies and all other health professionals to reach more potential customers.


We offer digital marketing solutions for all stakeholders of the healthcare industry. These solutions are based on mid-long-term actions to improve performance.


In particular, we provide support to professionals who want to make health tourism, so that they can use their investments more efficiently. 


Would you like to explain your clinic, services and other opportunities to your potential customers via video? Check out our professional solutions


For all health professionals and candidates, get training from our experienced team that includes all health tourism processes. This service will start very soon.


Our passıon IS not to leave your QUESTIONS unanswered.

Because ONDI Health; consists of a team that has full knowledge of all subjects, especially digital marketing in the field of health tourism and health sector. We would like to convey to you the experience we have gained from our collaborations with Turkey’s major aesthetic hospitals, well-known doctors and influential agencies.

All professionals serving in the field of health constitute our target audience. Hospitals, medical centers, doctors, health tourism agencies, veterinarians, pharmaceutical companies etc. We serve all professionals.

We can manage all your digital marketing processes in the field of medical marketing. You can find all jobs such as SEO, digital ads, content marketing, performance marketing, corporate identity studies. Apart from these, we are ready to offer our expertise in health tourism incentive consultancy, agency management, in-house training, and video production services.

Video marketing plays a very important role in the healthcare industry. The videos in which you describe your services, introduce your hospital, and include satisfied patient opinions have now become very effective in people’s decision making. We manage all these video processes for you. Apart from this, we offer interviews and promotion organizations in channels broadcasting in Europe for your marketing efforts for Turks abroad.

In the menu above, we include case studies that we can share. Apart from these, you can learn about our references that we do not have permission to share by contacting us.


We offer multiple options to contact us. Contact us through these three communication channels and ask about ways to grow your business now.




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